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Let's Get You Out Of The Chaos & Experiencing The Freedom Lifestyle You Crave!

Mother and Son

Between rushing to get kids ready, managing your household, and keeping the boss happy, the chaos of day-to-day activities can overshadow any semblance of peace. Sometimes it can feel like we are treading water, holding out (barely) for that elusive 'someday' that holds a promise of leisure, stability, and calm.

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Lindsay Sutherland

is a mom of 4 who left a 20-year career (and city life) to live in a log cabin in the woods. I am passionate about helping families get back to their roots by spending more time with each other. The vehicle to make that possible is passive income which is why this podcast is all about building multiple streams of income!

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Fantastic passive
income podcast!!!

This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to earn passive income. The podcast is enjoyable and Lindsay is fantastic! She has great tips as well as some fantastic guest speakers, and I look forward to learning more about earning passive income from this podcast.


With the variety of guests and her own wit Lindsey opens listeners’ minds to other forms of producing income, overcoming limiting beliefs and bad habits so they can live the life of their dreams!

Motivational &

Great job Lindsay! I love the podcast and like that you share your stories and struggles. We can all relate and have similar situations. It’s refreshing to hear how positive you try to remain in all stages in life and your desires to reach your goals. I live by the same rules and have benefited with shifting my mindset. I look forward to hearing all your future podcasts.

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