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Lindsay Sutherland, working mom and serial 'side-hustle-prenuer' has successfully figured out the magic to creating a business while working full time and raising kids despite difficulties in her marriage. She now teaches other working moms how to build a business, take back their power, and live life on their terms with harmony and balance. 


Lindsay is a dream chaser who left her corporate job for a log cabin in the woods - who is a homeschooling mama of 4 who loves gardening, raising sheep, and riding horses. 


IN THIS PODCAST you will find heart-guided business mentorship, clarity coaching,

online marketing strategy, inspiring interviews and SOOO much more.

Lindsay Sutherland

Clarity Coach

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Fantastic passive
income podcast!!!

This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to earn passive income. The podcast is enjoyable and Lindsay is fantastic! She has great tips as well as some fantastic guest speakers, and I look forward to learning more about earning passive income from this podcast.




With the variety of guests and her own wit Lindsey opens listeners’ minds to other forms of producing income, overcoming limiting beliefs and bad habits so they can live the life of their dreams!


Motivational &


Great job Lindsay! I love the podcast and like that you share your stories and struggles. We can all relate and have similar situations. It’s refreshing to hear how positive you try to remain in all stages in life and your desires to reach your goals. I live by the same rules and have benefited with shifting my mindset. I look forward to hearing all your future podcasts.

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Are you ready to live a richer more meaningful life? One with freedom in your schedule and your pocket book? But you are stuck in the rut of the everyday grind? I understand! And I can help! 

In 1 hour we will pinpoint the passive income strategy that aligns most with what you are passionate about. The first half hour we will talk high level "how to." You will be equipped with a Passive Income Road Map to help you get clear on what the next actionable steps are. The second half hour we will address confidence and life challenges to help you navigate the muddy waters of building a business while parenting or working full time. $97