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Get to Know Your Host

For the last 20 years Lindsay Sutherland has made a living in the automotive industry specializing in business development, sales, and marketing. In pursuit of her dream to live in the country, she left her corporate job to live in a log cabin in the woods. 

As she continues to follow her dream of living a meaningful life she has started her consulting business helping fellow dream chasers live an unplugged life by building passive income streams.


IN THIS PODCAST you will find heart-guided business mentorship, clarity coaching,

online marketing strategy, inspiring interviews and SOOO much more.

Lindsay helps entrepreneurs and business owners build passive income sales funnels that streamlines their online business for maximum efficiency and return on investment. Schedule your complimentary pathway call below.  

Lindsay Sutherland

Business Consultant


Fantastic passive
income podcast!!!

This is a great podcast for anyone wanting to earn passive income. The podcast is enjoyable and Lindsay is fantastic! She has great tips as well as some fantastic guest speakers, and I look forward to learning more about earning passive income from this podcast.




With the variety of guests and her own wit Lindsey opens listeners’ minds to other forms of producing income, overcoming limiting beliefs and bad habits so they can live the life of their dreams!


Motivational &


Great job Lindsay! I love the podcast and like that you share your stories and struggles. We can all relate and have similar situations. It’s refreshing to hear how positive you try to remain in all stages in life and your desires to reach your goals. I live by the same rules and have benefited with shifting my mindset. I look forward to hearing all your future podcasts.

You started your business to experience more freedom and quality time with your family, but working hard has taken a toll on you and your peace of mind. More often than you would like you are working your family life around your business instead of the other way around. Burning the candles at both ends just to keep things a float is wearing you thin. It's time for a change, friend. 

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