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Weeding Out the Legit From The Shit

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

How I got started podcasting and why!


Are you wishing you could make more than just the ends meet?

Or, maybe you aren't having as much family fun as you wish you could.

If you are looking for a way to increase your monthly cash flow without draining your energy, consider building a passive income strategy.

In this episode I introduce you to how I came to start a podcast on this subject and why you will find value here!

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Episode Transcription:

Welcome to the passive income examiner podcast, where we dissect passive income systems and strategies as a solution to the silent worries that keep us up at night, like how to pay for our kids' education or how to build up a retirement. We can be proud of. Or heck how about just having a few more family vacations? Hey, I'm Lindsay Sutherland working mom of four, who escaped the big city for a log cabin in the woods who loves country music and rock and roll. And I believe it is possible to make money while we sleep welcome friends. Let's dive into today's episode friends. Welcome to episode one of the passive income examiner podcast show. This is my first ever recording and I'm so excited. I walked into my new office and I had just bought a desk. I got everything set up and I'd already written what I was going to say today.

So I was ready to record and I was just overcome with joy and enthusiasm to sit here and that, my friends, is how I know I am in the right place. And thank you for being here with me. I'd like to start by dedicating this episode to my employer who provides an income for my family and a job that does not rob my sanity. Can I get a heck Yes!? Who gives me the space to be creative? And they appreciate me for who I am. I think that has to be by far the best part of my job. They also provided me with a laptop and helped pay for my podcast training. So I am just truly grateful for all of them at Caribou Creek log homes. And I promise I always will be. Thank you so much.


So here's a fun fact about me when I was a little girl, I dreamt of being a news reporter. And you know, what's funny is I forgot that about myself until I started on this journey of creating a podcast. And then I remembered I used to practice with a mic and everything. I've had so much fun diving into this new business venture. It has literally been like living that dream, except I don't have to do my hair and the makeup. I'm so happy about that. I I'm super excited to be recording this because I believe this passive income strategy, this podcast is a business that will help me attain the goals that I've been yearning for for years goals. I have strived for, for decades. And I finally feel like I am on the right path, the path that God has called me to let me start by telling you a little bit about how I got here in 2008. My first son blessed us with his presence after 28 hours of labor during a home delivery.


As you can imagine, I was over the moon, head over heels in love with this little Babineau that only moments before was a wiggly object in my belly. And I couldn't really imagine what it was going to be like to actually be a mom with a baby. I think that is the thing that makes the firstborn so special when you haven't had a child, yet you have nothing to compare it to. So any idea you have of that child or of Parenthood is all in your mind, you are filled with uncertainty and mystery and no matter how many stories everyone tells you, you still have no clue what it's going to be like right until it happens. So I digress. I had just recently gotten a new job. I think I even had only been there for a month when I found out I was pregnant.


So when my son was born, I didn't have much in the way of benefits. I also didn't have much in the way of savings since my husband wasn't working at the time. I didn't have much choice except to go back to work quickly. As a matter of fact, I re I went back the next day after he was born to do payroll for the department I was managing. And then I finished that. And then I took a whole week off. Yes. I said a whole week off looking back. I think I buried the sadness that and the guilt, you know, like you feel every, every mom I'm sure feels that pull of, Oh, I don't want to leave. Right. Especially after, but I think I just buried it down. Cause I told myself that I had to work as if I didn't have a choice.


I know one thing is for sure, I had been daydreaming about being able to stay at home with him. The entire pregnancy. I secretly promised myself that I would be home with him. By the time he was one on his first birthday, literally the day of his party, I found out I was pregnant with baby. Number two, I talked myself into working until he was born. And again, I set this expectation. I imagined myself home with them. Baby three came along in 2012. I think you can see where this is going. This time I was smarter. I was a little more prepared. I did have short-term disability and I was able to take a full 12 weeks off. In addition to my day job, I was working in a network marketing company. And I had decided that while I was taking this 12 weeks off, I would pour into my company that I was starting this new business.


And my vision was that in three months I would have sustained enough or at least get enough momentum to be able to put myself in a position to be home. Somehow life has a way of sucking you down into your comfort zone. It's almost like everything becomes routine and you just kind of go along until one day, you look up and realize, Oh my word look, how much time has gone by after my third son was born, I went into a very dark state. I was still working. I was 60 pounds overweight and I was depressed. I thought my family would be better off without me, but really I think the biggest reason that I went so far into this funk is because basically I had set up an expectation in my mind and painted this wonderful picture of what life was going to be like, what motherhood was going to be like.


I was not living the life I had pictured in my head. I wanted to be home loving my babies, teaching them, watching them grow, watching their firsts, hearing their tiny voices. And I was not living that life. But what was worse is I didn't see that happening anytime soon. And I lost complete hope. It was during this time that my husband and I started talking about living in a log cabin in the woods. We wanted to raise our babies in a small city, like a rural town, build a homestead where we could grow our own food, raise our own meat. We also want it to be debt-free. I will be sharing my journey more about like how we got to the log cabin in a future episode today, I want to focus more on just what led me here to airing this episode. I mentioned in the intro that I'm a mama of four and I'll admit after three kids, I was not in a hurry to have any more.


And I quite honestly had just come to terms with the fact that that was it for me. I had three boys I'd given up on the idea that I would ever have a little girl. And then it happened surprise. I was pregnant with baby. Number four, there is something interesting that always seemed to happen to me each time I got pregnant. And I mean, each time with each child, this happened, I would get a promotion at the same time. It was really strange, but it was also really stressful. First of all, being pregnant and hormonal is hard enough. Right? But then adding a new position, which usually involved management or starting a new department, honestly, looking back, I have to say I'm a little enough myself. That was pretty impressive. It was no different with my daughter. I had just started a new job and a new department at a Phoenix car dealership.


I was excited to be pregnant, especially when I found out it was a girl. We had hired a nanny. We'd already had a nanny in the home. Um, she was helping out with the boys and taking them to and from school. And then two of my youngest when we first hired her were still at, during the day. And then after I took my three months off with my daughter, I trained my nanny how to handle an infant because she hadn't really ever dealt with that. She was pretty young, everything. Same time, key Dory. I mean, on the outside, looking in, I had a great job. I was making really good money. I worked at a company that treated me well. They respected family time. I had a great nanny and the best part as a husband who truly loved me as I was, we were living in a wonderful neighborhood in a house that others would be envious of, but no matter how perfect my life seemed, I was not happy inside gratefully.


I wasn't super depressed either, but I was just not. Okay. So listening to my nanny, tell me about my daughter's cuteness and how she had so much fun with her and all the cute little things that she was doing, or, you know, she would tell me stories about her playing with the boys or watching the boys play with my daughter every time she would tell me a story about something that was going on. When I wasn't there. I just felt this deep sadness that haunted me one day, my husband and I were sitting and I was telling him that I just felt like I was in prison going to work. That I was literally being pulled away from what I loved the most, what lit me up, what made me feel happy. And I said, you know, when are we going to stop talking about moving and actually do it?


Once we made up our minds, like we looked at each other and there was this like moment of decisiveness. And once we made up our minds and we were committed, the wheels were in motion. We found, we bought our cabin. We found it. And we bought our cabin in the woods. We sold our house and we lived, we lived in our new house, off the proceeds from the old house for awhile. And I finally got my dream of being stay at home mom until guess what happened? I got bored. I also started questioning my purpose. See, I felt as if God called me to move that whole experience for me felt bigger than just me. It sounded great. And it was definitely something I enjoyed, but I literally felt like there was something more to it. I just couldn't put my finger on it. So after being a housewife, perfect cleaning house, I unpacked in the first week, everything was in order.


I felt like I was missing out on something or I wasn't getting the drift that there was something else I was supposed to be doing. And then eventually money started to run out. I ended up getting a job where I'm working now and being in a small town, everything is close. So I've been able to get my kids into sports and four events. I get to go eat lunch with them, at least until COVID happened. And everything was wonderful. Cause it's like five minutes here. And five minutes there, ironically, COVID, isn't what necessarily started me down this road to a podcast. However, I am also homeschooling my kids. Now as much as I love my job, we are still living paycheck to paycheck right now. I do not plan on working for the rest of my life. I want a nest egg. I want to have a generous retirement fund that allows me to visit my grandbabies one day and I want to travel.


And since my oldest son just turned 12, I've realized that we haven't done the family vacations that I planned. I might have to help him with college. He will be driving soon. I mean, the list goes on and the point is this mama needs more cash. I have always worked hard to earn a living and I wondered when will I get to enjoy my life? So one day I was thinking to myself, there has got to be a better way to make money when I'm sleeping or when I'm playing with my kids. I know there are people out there doing this in the world, but then there's also so many gimmicks. I just didn't want to get invested into a scam. I thought to myself, there must be a way to weed out the legit from the I thought, how cool would it be to interview a bunch of smart people to find out what the heck they're doing and really ask them the detailed questions to help me decide where I want to invest. What direction do I want to go? And then I was like, Ooh, what if I recorded my interview? I bet that would help other people who may be like me. And then I'm telling you, it was like angels were singing and the sky parted and God whispered in my ear,

"Start a podcast."


So here I am. I not only want to bring you in as I interview experts in their field and share with you what the great minds of the world are doing, but also share with you my journey to finally building a passive income stream that will give me the life I've been dreaming of. My goal is to inspire you, to find the passive income strategy. That will be the solution to your worries and your burdens. And by sharing my story, be the beacon of hope and encouragement so that you can also take those wobbly steps that it takes to get started doing something new. Speaking of starting something new, I know I could have started this podcast without help. But one thing that I was not interested in was wasting time or spending time doing trial and error. I am busy as you can tell.


So I didn't have all this extra time. And I felt it was a good idea to find somebody to hold my hand and help me get started. And I want to give an immense shout out to Stephanie gas and her podcast, pro university. I bought her educational course. I have bought educational courses before for other things. And it always seems that they leave out just enough to make you want to buy their next big package, you know, their next big offer. But that is what I loved most about Steph's training. It literally has every thing. And then some of what you need to get a podcast business off the ground. And I don't just mean launch a hobby podcast. I am talking about launch a start making money from day one podcast. Seriously. I am so glad God put her on my Pinterest board. When I bought the course, it included a half hour strategy session with her.


That frankly was worth in my opinion, the whole course amount. It was one of the most to the point and full of information, strategy sessions I've ever had. So if you're like me and you're kind of thinking about maybe starting a podcast, at least check her out, listen to her podcast show. Um, ma mompreneur mastermind check out her course. I have a link below it's in the show notes. If you're not interested in wasting time with trial and error, or you don't have the time like me, then really consider her course because it is truly worth the money. Hey friends, thanks for tuning into the passive income examiner podcast. I just want to give a big thank you for listening and in celebration of my launch, I'm giving away a gift pack. That includes a $50 Amazon gift card, uh, tools for wisdom, 18 month planner and a 30 minute strategy session with me. Here's how you can win head over to iTunes and leave me a starred review. Then screenshot that review and tag me on Instagram at the passive income examiner. I'll announce the winner. The first week of November today, friends let's empower others who are also looking to escape the rat race and find a better way because we actually can make money while we sleep.


When in doubt - Start! Just by taking action - even if it's messy - you will get farther than if you never start at all.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Feel inspired to do something

  2. Take action

  3. Evaluate

  4. Take more action

  5. Before you know it you will have created something!

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