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How to Attract the Freedom Lifestyle Faster For People Looking To Quit Their Job And Work From Home.

Hey everybody and welcome back to another episode of the Passive Income Examiner- I’m your host, Lindsay Sutherland and today is America’s Independence Day. Now whether you are an American or not, I want to assure you, this is a poignant episode for everyone because today I am speaking to all of you who long for a freedom lifestyle.

I made a post today on Instagram that defines what freedom means, as well as what it means to me. I encourage you to visit me on Instagram and comment on my post about what freedom means to you especially after you hear the point I’m going to make in this episode.

I defined freedom as a word that has been guiding me for the last few years towards a new and better lifestyle. To me, freedom is also the ability to not be hindered by a boss or a financial restraint or an obligation to a lifestyle that does not bring me the utmost joy and happiness.

And this my friends is why I am so passionate about helping you build freedom businesses. To help you build a lifestyle that allows you to experience the freedom that you crave.

I understand what it feels like to feel stuck. I use the word “feel stuck” on purpose because really we all have the freedom to get unstuck and we’re going to talk about just how to do that in a moment.

But first let me address the limiting mindset that weighs us down as we drag ourselves to the office or show up online for that zoom meeting or continue clocking into a soul sucking job that really and truly we are ready to escape from. It can feel hopeless when we feel helpless each day going through the motions that we think are required. And if you’re listening carefully to the words I’m choosing you may already be picking up on how to unlock freedom faster in your life.

The limiting mindset is believing you are helpless. I’m going to say that again, the limiting mindset, the mindset that is limiting you, is believing you are helpless. Believing that other people or situations have a hold on you. I think the hardest thing about getting out of any position we feel stuck in is believing it is possible. This is why I spend so much time talking about it on the podcast.

When we are in the mire looking around it can appear that what we see is all that we can achieve. But the truth is what we see with our mind is what we can achieve. The trick is being able to believe in what is not visible, consistently remind ourselves about it, and continually take the steps to move towards it.

Wayne Dyer coined a phrase that I’ve always appreciated. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Let’s breakdown HOW you can go about changing the way you look at things so that your life experiences follow suit.

First, define what freedom means to you. It is possible that your definition of freedom may change as your evolution continues, but the one thing I encourage you to do today is to dream big. And the reason for that is because oftentimes we will press the brake on our dream while we’re simultaneously stomping on the gas pedal.

Often we may experience a euphoria that comes while dreaming but a follow-up to that is a limiting belief that then holds us back from taking action on that or limited action based on clouded judgement.

Let today be the day that you decide what freedom looks like. On a piece of paper in a journal or in a voice memo whichever works best for you imagine your freedom lifestyle. And what would it take for you to experience that? Imagine that there’s nothing that can stop you from experiencing it. It is so important to define this because it will give a clear picture of where you’re headed and what you’re aiming for.

By doing this you are creating a vibrational set-point. Much like a GPS gets programmed to navigate you to a destination. This visualization will tune your vibration to guide you to the freedom experience you imagine. Today you do not need to know how or where or when that will happen, just WHAT the picture looks like and what does the destination feel like.

Here is an example of a freedom story. Note how it is described in present tense and not future tense. This is really important because we don’t want to program our subconscious to constantly have our dream as a future reality, we want it to be a current experience.

Ok, here is the example:

I felt so rested this morning when I woke up naturally, without an alarm hounding me to rush out of bed. I got to take in the morning with ease. I sipped my coffee on the porch and took in the sweet smells of the lilacs growing nearby. I got to read my book and really enjoy the quiet the morning offered. Around 8:30 I got up and got dressed for my day. I even had time to make my bed! Around 9 I sat down in front of my computer and when I opened my email I was grateful to see more purchases had been made over night. I’m delighted that I have built an online business that supports my family and my lifestyle. I feel so happy when I sit down to work on it. What a difference this is to where I was just a few months ago. I finally feel free and in control of my financial income.

Once you have your dream written, read it outloud at least once a day…. Feel it. Then change your awareness from feeling stuck to feeling free by following this guidance:

(And, in the beginning it may feel easy, but as time goes on you may start to doubt the effectiveness of this exercise. I promise you it is working!) Stay consistent with it. Remind yourself of the freedom you seek by posting sticky notes at work, in the car, and around your house with the word “FREEDOM.” Each time you see a note acknowledge a freedom you have in that moment.

So, for example, say you are getting ready for work in the morning and you see the “FREEDOM” sticky-note on your mirror. Pause, take a moment to acknowledge that you have the freedom to choose to go into work or not. You have the freedom to find a different job or build your business if you desire. Each moment you have the freedom of choice. Acknowledge this power and acknowledge a choice you are making.

It’s often possible that our subconscious or preprogrammed thoughts could pop up at that moment and say “I don’t have the choice not to go to work because if I don’t go to work I won’t be able to feed my kids.” That is a limiting belief and it’s important to remember that today “I choose to go to work. Even though it’s not what I really want. Even though I dream of something better.” It’s still a choice and it’s important that you remind yourself that YOU are in the POWER position.

Think of this exercise as the gasoline in the car - fueling the dream to come to fruition faster. The sooner your subconscious believes you are free, the sooner what you see around you will be the experience you desire. Wayne Dyer’s book where he quoted that phrase I referred to is called “Change your thoughts, change your life.” It is a powerful book that I recommend. But he isn’t the only person teaching this. It has been proven to work over and over again and even is backed by quantum physics science.

I know from my own experience how powerful these techniques are, and I also know how easy it is to forget they are powerful!

It was not that long ago that I felt stuck - I felt that I had trapped myself into a position that I was unsatisfied with. And when I say it wasn’t that long ago, I really mean, recently. For days I worried and fretted. I reached out to friends, I cried to my sister. I kept looking at the situation I was in completely forgetting the power of my mind.

And no one reminded me. No one I called or cried to reminded me of this truth. This is why I am so passionately going on about it now, because I understand how easy it is to forget even after you may have already applied it to a dream.

I mean, I used this method to move to my log home in the woods, to quit my 6 figure job, and to build a life for myself that allowed me to homeschool my kids. Yet, when I put my focus on the problematic situation in front of me, I completely blanked on what the solution was until one day I suddenly remembered what I had accomplished and realized if I could do that then certainly I could change this too.

This amnesia can and will happen to the best of us. It is important that we surround ourselves with like-minded people who will hold us accountable and create habits that help remind us as well.

This is why I have created the Freedom Business Community. It is a membership for those of us seeking a freedom lifestyle. There are three pillars to the community - 1) the freedom mindset which I’ve talked a lot about today, but will go into more inside the community 2) the p cubed method which is the backbone of the business or businesses that we build. Simply put the right process married with the right product equals profit. 3) the content effect - building a freedom business requires an evergreen marketing method that prevents us from having to constantly hustle our links just to make sales. And lastly, accountability and community - having other like-minded entrepreneurs to be a sounding board and to help us when we have that momentary amnesia is the best part.

I recently launched this membership and you can read more about it in the notes, or if you want more information DM the word Freedom to me on Instagram.

You can become a founding member now until July 9th and lock your membership price in at only $19.95 / month for life.

I was told by a few entrepreneurs this was way too cheap and especially not to do this for life, but this is not for them. It is for you - the person who is working hard to escape the rat race - to create the freedom life you desire. The person who maybe doesn’t have the thousands of dollars for a high ticket coaching program, but who has the desire to make a difference. Whether you have a business yet or you have no idea what business you will create, you will benefit from this community.

Check out the link in the description to sign up.

Alright my freedom seeking friends. That wraps up todays episode until next week, bye for now!

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