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Tech Tip Tuesday: Free Websites To Help You Write Keyword Rich Clickworthy Headlines

Updated: May 25, 2022

Keyword Rich Headlines and Juicy Content Make Marketing Effective

Have you ever just simply drawn a blank when it comes to writing juicy headlines or even coming up with content ideas for your website or podcast? If so, then this Tech Tip Tuesday episode will be a huge help! I reveal two websites I use to write engaging headlines that help my audience stop their scroll and click on my content!

The video above demonstrates my process to easily generating tons of content ideas as well as testing headlines to ensure they will convert better.

Generating Content Ideas Easily

Howdy PIE Tribe welcome back - we are launching a new series called TECH TIP TUESDAY! This mini-series is designed to explore useful technology that can help you in business, whether it is online or in person.

Today I am talking about a couple of websites that I use to write keyword-rich click-worthy headlines. By the way, both websites I’m recommending today are free to use, so no need to worry about creating a log-in or dropping in a credit card.

The first website I want to highlight is called It’s great when you have a topic but you are just drawing a blank for a headline or even to generate content ideas. When you visit the site you can input a topic like in this example I typed in marketing strategy.

It then lists 97 different searched phrases with the term marketing strategy.

Example Ideas from the Search

Here are some examples.

-How can I develop a marketing strategy

- Can you patent a marketing strategy

- How can a marketing strategy increase the profitability of an organization

- Marketing strategy can be described as

It even offers comparison topics such as

  • Marketing strategy vs. marketing tactics

  • Business strategy vs. marketing strategy

Another reason I love Answer Socrates

Another section I love is keywords under the column “for”. So what it does is basically searches for search phrases that use the keywords and the word “for.” Such as - Marketing strategy for “candle business” or for “Small business” or “startups”

This site is great for coming up with content ideas. Over a year's time, if you wrote 24 blogs with topics from this site you would be in a good position to drive SEO traffic to your site if Marketing and marketing strategies were your niche or use whatever keyword is relative to your business.

Remember, these are all things people actually search - so if you have content online you are more likely to show up when the search phrase is typed into the web.

Testing Headline Ideas

Now, I told you in the beginning that this site is two fold - yes I use it for idea generation but also for headline ideas. Recently, for example, I was struggling to come up with a juicy headline for a podcast episode. I used this exact strategy to help me come up with a strong headline.

Let’s say, for the purpose of this blog, that I want to use the search phrase “Marketing strategy for startups” as a starting point for my headline. I wouldn’t use that exact phrase for the headline, but rather turn it into something like this, “A marketing strategy that actually works for startups.”

The next thing I will do is use a site called

I plug the headline into their grading system. It grades for intellectual levels, empathetic, and spiritual emotional levels of the words used in the title. They have done research on the influence words have on the human psyche.

Headline Analyzing Results and Hacks

The goal is to rank at 50 or higher in 2 or more categories. When I type in the headline a Marketing strategy that actually works for startups it grades it as 75 percent for the intellectual category only. Now, the ranking is really high, but it only reaches one pillar.

What is interesting is it says : “This score indicates that your headline has a total of 75.00% Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) Words. To put that in perspective, the English language contains approximately 20% EMV words. For comparison, most professional copywriters' headlines will typically have 30%-40% EMV Words in their headlines. “ (So, if you are doing 50% or better, you are doing pretty good!)

“While the overall EMV score for your headline is 75.00%, your headline also has a predominant emotion classification.”


“Your headline carries words that predominantly appeal to most people's intellectual sphere. Intellectual impact words are especially effective when your goal is to arouse curiosity, and when offering products and services that require reasoning or careful evaluation. The majority of words with emotional impact in the English language fall in this Intellectual category. Intellectual impact words are the most-used of all three categories, and have the broadest appeal to people in general.”

Become a Better CopyWriter

So the cool thing is that this website gives you a ton of good information. What is really fun is to add words to the headline and see if you can better your score… it’s like a game! See, when I add the word “remarkable” and turn it into “A remarkable marketing strategy that actually works for startups” it ranks at almost 89%.

So, you see when you start playing around with words you can really learn how to become a better headline writer and do a better job at not only capturing SEO traffic but getting clicks on your content.

So, my friends, that is Tech Tip Tuesday! Tune in each week for Tech Tip Tuesday - some of which will be hosted by me and some of which will be hosted by guests.

If you found this helpful please leave a review on iTunes!

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