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Episode 44 Content Idea Generation


Did you know that on average only 9% of businesses rate their content strategy as effective? Are you one of the 91% of business owners who struggles with content creation? Maybe you don’t know what to say or maybe you have plenty to say but you can’t find the time to get it written and scheduled.

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Do you struggle with coming up with content ideas? Tune in as I help Kellie-Anne generate a years worth of content ideas in less than 1 hour!

Kellie-Anne Briand is the founder of The Accidental Entrepreneur. A coaching and online program that teaches women how to turn what they know, love and do into a profitable and meaningful online business. Methodology is based on 6 simple and powerful steps that allow you to start and launch FAST or re-start your existing business.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Did you know that on average, only 9% of businesses rate their content strategy as effective, I recently was doing some research on content and discovered that 91% of business owners struggle with content creation. Maybe you struggle to, maybe you don't know what to say, or maybe you have plenty to say, but you can't find the time to get it written and scheduled friends. It's time to get a better strategy. A system that is designed to connect you with your dream clients consistently and better yet a system that also can grow with you as it can easily be outsourced when the time is right for your business. If you're ready to slay that content dragon enroll in my two week training course, that launches on August 2nd. This course is going to go deep into not only learning these time-saving strategies, but also will help you become a better copywriter in the process. And you will walk away with 90 days of content, ready to post head over to the passive income forward slash content to register today. Oh, and PI tribe. You get a special 20% off by using this code content. When you check out,

Speaker 1 (01:19):

[Inaudible] welcome to the passive income examiner show, helping you navigate the muddy waters of building successful revenue streams beyond the nine to five. I'm your host Lindsay Sutherland, mama of four, who has a passion for living my best life and helping you do the same. I'm honored. You're here and excited to offer you valuable and inspiring content. I believe we can have the freedom we desire and the happiness we deserve. Thanks for joining me. First

Speaker 1 (01:47):

Before we dive in, because I am using this on the podcast, I wanted you to share everybody a little bit, tell everybody a little bit about you and your business, and specifically how they can find you so that you don't miss that later.

Speaker 2 (02:00):

So I'm, Kellie-Anne, here in Montreal. I am the founder and creator of the accidental entrepreneur. So that's accidental I always tell people, join the club. And so I'm a coach, I'm a consultant. I have various businesses. I just mentioned I have a clinic in Montreal, but my, my, where I feel aligned and the people, you know, with whom I feel aligned to work are women who want to start online businesses typically from scratch. They either have the seedling of an idea or they have big dreams and a million ideas. But they don't know where to start. They don't know what to sell. They don't know who to sell it to. They don't know how to put, how to, how to add eras, this stability to their offers. They, they don't know how many offers they need to launch with. And so what happens is these types of individuals tend to start the complete wrong way with multiple ideas, you know, and an audience that's unvalidated, like they don't start selling stuff and don't know if anybody even needs it.

Speaker 2 (03:04):

They dump a ton of money into a website. I've seen people like throw money at hiring people to do, you know, a VA and a content person, a brand, and they don't even have, and they haven't made a sale. So what I've done, you know, I had a corporate career and what I've done is taken a lot of those corporate concepts, applied them to my methodology and really created six simple steps, broken it down into six simple steps where you can enter into my program, whether it's my, my signature online course and coaching program or one-to-one, and I take you through, okay, so you want to start a business or you have a business that's not making money, which typically means we need to restart the business. Here it is. And so they, you know, you follow my methodology, it connects all the dots because there are a ton of moving parts in there.

Speaker 2 (03:50):

There are a ton of moving parts to starting a business, and it can be super, super complicated. So I just make it simple. I tell you what we're spending on your, on what, not to, what to spend your time and energy on what not to so that you can avoid all the expense of trial and error and really get something up quickly. Like my methodology is within 30 days, you should have an offer that you've productized and you've put out into the world so that you can start validating your audience, validating your unique solution and answering there's. You know, there are a lot of things. There are a lot of, there are a lot of questions that you, you and boxes you need to check. So that's me, it's accidental And when you go there, you can get my free blueprint, join my free group and just message me. So there you go. That's my speed.

Speaker 1 (04:35):

Yeah, that's awesome. And it sounds to me like, I mean, I could tell you how many people I've personally known who wish they had somebody who would just look over their shoulder and tell them step-by-step how to get things done so they can cut through all the, the frivolous crap,

Speaker 2 (04:51):

Better words infusion, because it is confusing. And then they end up sitting at your desk going, holy, I've done. I've spent eight, 10 hours. And I really, I don't even know what I did and I certainly didn't bring any money into my bank. Yeah. Oh, you

Speaker 1 (05:04):

Know, that's the worst. Okay. So in the questionnaire, you said you struggled a little bit with create with time to create longer form content for your blog. Is your blog, your primary long form content, or have you ever considered like a podcast or YouTube channel?

Speaker 2 (05:22):

I'll be honest. I'm terrible with the long form content. So while I know I should be blogging more, I hired someone last year to, to write blog posts for me, but I find it was just really difficult for her to understand my voice. And so I didn't have the greatest of, of you know, experiences. A lot of people, most people tell me, Kelly, any need to start a YouTube channel. You need to start because I guess I have that, you know, vibrant personality. And I started off in television and radio. So I'm super comfortable in that format. But I just, again, like, you know, I probably need to hire somebody to get that part of the business moving. So you're right. I need to figure out what is, you know, where do I feel like what resonates with me? And honestly it's easy for me to sit down and write a blog post. It's just a matter of time. It's not so simple or easy for me to start a podcast or a YouTube channel because I just would have to probably delegate that.

Speaker 1 (06:25):

Yeah, well, I could see delegating getting it up and running and all the backend stuff, but if you could learn a method that you could basically do all three in one shot that would help you because then you could actually have all three platforms and then, you know, being established, you have the ability and the means to be able to have an assistant who can upload the pod, you know, do the uploading. That would be the, that to me is the biggest editing and uploading is the biggest pillar. Yeah. Okay. And just to make sure that I meet your expectations today, cause this is just a short meeting and sorry for those are my chickens. I don't know if you can hear them. I hear

Speaker 2 (07:06):

Them. It's cool. Don't worry. I love it.

Speaker 1 (07:09):

It's right out my window. Okay. So I want to definitely exceed your expectations to earn a raving review. That's my goal. What would be your best outcome from today's consultation for you?

Speaker 2 (07:22):

I guess just simple processes to probably generate and repurpose or maybe just, you know, even some simple content ideas because I, you know, I'm a business person, I've got lots of ideas. Yeah, it's just it's the cobbler with no shoes. Right. I teach people this, I coach this, but I need to do it myself. So I'm talking about your simple, you've intrigued me with your simple methodology and just, if you, if you've looked at anything, you've probably seen some of my you're in my group. Right.

Speaker 1 (07:55):

I think I did. Yeah. And I also got, I downloaded your freebie and then I'm on your page. Your, your Facebook page,

Speaker 2 (08:05):

Which I'm not so act like I'm, you know, that's the thing too with Facebook, right? It's Facebook, your personal profile, your page and your group. And so oftentimes as a business owner, I'm in my group more because that's where obviously a generate sales from, right. I'm building those relationships in there and that's where they get more of me. But then my page goes stale because it's like, you know, nobody's ever on your business page and no one ever reacts, no ever. Right. And, but on my personal page, I get more traffic on my personal page and my group. So it's like, I've got those three channels plus LinkedIn. I'm not a big believer in multiple social channels because it becomes super manageable. So that's where I am, but I do more, I'm more active in my group.

Speaker 1 (08:52):

Okay. All right. So okay. So today basically we want to focus on creating 90 days of content and a strategy to make that an easy thing. So here's how I want you to want to start out. So just to start, I want you to tell me about your clients journey. So like, if you want to close your eyes for a moment and just imagine you're sitting in front of them for lunch, and she's telling you about how she wishes, she could quit her job and she's just going on about her life. Right. She's just in the heat of the moment where she's just at this breaking point. And if you have a clear picture in your mind what is she saying? What is she saying? Is her, her, her breaking point what's causing her to come to you for lunch?

Speaker 2 (09:38):

Typically this person would come to me and sit down with me and say, you know what? I just, I'm just so tired of just, you know, living small and just, just not acting on my dreams because I don't know where to start. You know, typically it's, I'm just super confused. I don't know if this is even doable, if this is something I should even like consider putting any effort in, because I don't know if it's gonna work. So, you know, so typically once the, by the point they get to me, they're just, you know, caught up in that, how to paralysis. Like, I don't even know, like I know I have this dream and I know I want, I know I can do it. I just, you know, I just, I'm scared. It's not going to work. I'm going to fail. I'm going to be criticized.

Speaker 2 (10:24):

So, geez, I don't even want, I don't want to leave my nine to five. Right. If I don't have a solid plan. So Hey, Kellyanne, what's your solid plan. So that's typically where they are. They've, you know, it's not, when I get into a conversation with somebody it's not oftentimes there's a lot of, of emotion behind it because they've been disappointed in the past or they've given up on themselves in the past or they've failed in the past. So they've been criticized or they've been told they can't do it. So there's a lot of, a lot of that dialogue inside, like, and so they come to me and almost as, oh my God, you know, not as a last resort, but it's similar feeling to just like, ha can you help me? Can you get this thing going? Can you give me this gentle nudge I need? So it's tends to be an emotional conversation.

Speaker 1 (11:12):

Yes. Sorry. My voice is so cracky this morning. I totally understand right where you're saying and I've, and I'm taking notes by the way, if you see me looking down or typing, and I'm going to share these with you at the end, because these are basically going to be your headlines. So everything that you just said just turned into five headlines. So if you weren't, that's five weeks of content right there. So for example, tired of living small and not achieving your dreams, that could be a podcast episode, right? Yup. Confused. You're not sure if an online business is even doable. Not sure if this is going to work or let me see you want an online business, but you've already tried and failed. What's next. So, yeah. You're good. Yep. Yeah. So see, that's, that's where these turn into headline. Okay. So all right. So then the next question that you would ask her is how do you prefer to earn an income? What does she say?

Speaker 2 (12:14):

Most people would say, I just want to do something I love, right. I just want to, I want to make money, but I really am at the point, I just want to do something I love. And I want to do something where I have flexibility because a lot of people are coming in. They're my age, they're like 50 or they're in their forties. They're like, you know, I want to have the flexibility to either, you know, homeschool my kids. It's funny that you said that. Cause I get a lot of that. I want to have the flexibility to take care of my aging parents. I want to have the flexibility to, you know, my husband is thinking about retiring, maybe travel. So they, they want to do something they love, but they want to have the flexibilities to do it from wherever they want to. Okay.

Speaker 1 (12:57):

All right. And so, see, what's really cool about that, that I want the flexibility because can actually be two different headlines. Like you can see one thing about content is you can tailor it to a specific person at different times. So you're wanting an online business because you want to homeschool and then share a testimonial or an experience or somebody that you helped who did just that, who that was their focus or trying to quit their job because they want to homeschool their kids. And that whole article blog posts, podcasts would all be keyworded for people who are searching, want to quit my job to homeschool. Okay. Then you could do a very similar topic for, you know, looking to quit your job and travel, but you want, you need income, right. So it's a different angle, but the same content just spun it a different way.

Speaker 1 (13:50):

So that now you're, you're targeting a different audience. Okay. So then that one is three. So that's still three more topics right there. Okay. Now, after she explains that you say you recommend to her an online business, and now you're going to tell her what steps to take. Now, what I know is true Kellyanne is that there's probably a heck of a lot more steps than we could talk about right now. I know you have your six simple steps, which I have. I have six bullet points to outline that, but I'm what, what I'm going to tell you as a, as a proprietary method to help you create even more content than 90 days is to map out every baby step, like from pain point, like they're starting out. Like we just did into, you know, meet how to find a coach. Why hire a coach all to think about every little step your entrepreneurs taking. And I know that if you just sat down quietly and like an hour time and only focused on that, I'm sure you could come up with 50 to a hundred baby steps because that's usually what I've discovered is the client pro life cycle basically think of it that way. But for our sake today, let's focus on your six per your business steps. So just really quick, walk me through the basic six that you have there on your own. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (15:17):

The and, and what you're saying, I love it because that's something I teach in, in my methodology is, is a simple way to create content. And I tell them to take your unique pathway, your all your steps, and then, you know, each step, write them down. So, and then I have a content. We also, I love what you're saying. It's like, but again, it's, it's when it comes to myself. So the first step is just set up your business machine. Right? So clarifying your, so set up your business machine and within that is there's mindset and mechanics. So mindset stuff, you know clarifying your goals, right? What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? And I, and I have a methodology for that. Another baby step would be, you know, you need to choose the legal structure for your business when you're starting out, you know?

Speaker 2 (16:05):

So what does your, what does that business look like legally? So that you're, you're 100% legit. And then, you know, what's simple, what branding do I need without breaking the bank? So simple branding for an online, but for a startup online business, what does that look like? And then I talk about the, the sort of first five, the what software do you need? What registrations do you need? What do you need to be spending money on? And then a simple way to collect money. So within that step, I know there were like, there like five, six pieces of content,

Speaker 1 (16:40):

Actually, probably more than that, but, you know, what's cool is and this is something sometimes, and you might probably have this with your own clients. People will balk. I, I shared this with somebody and she said well, golly, if I share everything I do, don't you think, what will people need me for? Yeah. And the fact of the matter is nobody's going to be looking at all of our content in one big package. What we're doing is coming up with a year's worth of content. So maybe if they, like, I don't know, followed every little thing you did for a whole year or more than might get it figured out, but who's going to do that. They're going to jump on the bandwagon sooner though.

Speaker 2 (17:17):

That's why they're, that's why they're coaches and courses, because first of all, nobody want nobody online consumes, like you said, content in a linear fashion. Right. It's like I see a PCR and two weeks later CPS. Right. So yeah. I get what you're saying.

Speaker 1 (17:32):

Yeah. Okay. What was step two in your

Speaker 2 (17:36):

Step two, two is nail down your big idea. So nail down your, your business idea. So the baby steps related to that are simple ways to make money online because people, when they start talking about their ideas, that people come to me and go, I have this grandiose idea. And then when I look at it, I'm like, listen, you know, you need a certain certification for that. You need to hire a software developer, you need a hundred thousand dollars in startups. So I talk about simple ways to make money online. The next one is how to turn you know, your passion into, into, to money. Then I talk about how to find that big idea, where does that big idea tend to, to fall? Then I talk about clarifying and communicating your solution. So how to productize and sort of create a solution around, around that idea and then how to validate and create that, that, that, that product. So productizing and, and creating and validating it. So the five components of a sellable offer. Okay.

Speaker 1 (18:44):

And that's all part, part of number two.

Speaker 2 (18:47):

Yeah. Because each, each part that I'm telling you is a video

Speaker 1 (18:51):

Thinks that it is okay. And I mean, I'm sure you have this written down, but I'm writing it down too, because that way, if you ever come back to it. Okay. So what's number three

Speaker 2 (19:02):

Find paying clients. So the first one of finding paying clients is attracting your clients with your unique solution, right? The three things, people buy, you know, simple shortcut solutions knowing your niche, like what is a niche how do leash down, how to find a niche. So all about niching and then finding people who actually need what you offer that that's where the pain client comes in and then turning a problem that your client has into a solution. And then how to talk about what you do, because I've had clients with wonderful freaking ideas, but they have absolute, they absolutely cannot talk about what they do. They don't know how to, how to communicate that. And then I think that, I think that's it for step three, but again,

Speaker 1 (19:56):

Okay. That's an actual step four step

Speaker 2 (20:01):

Four is all about creating your offer. So the only offers you need when you're starting a business then it's about adding irresistibility to those offers. Then it's about building out those offers and it's about pricing, those offers and all the pricing strategies. And then it's about developing and designing your free offer.

Speaker 1 (20:24):

Okay. I like how you work backwards on that one first.

Speaker 2 (20:31):

Yeah. Yeah. Well, there's a whole methodology that I teach. Right. Cause that's where people go wrong.

Speaker 1 (20:37):

Well, they're probably just throwing spaghetti hope.

Speaker 2 (20:41):

Yeah. That's great. So step five is all about you're building your sales platform. So this is where we start to get into a lot of the, a lot of the more tactical stuff. So the first one is I call it creating your attractive character. Who are you going to show up online as, because now you've have a product, you have an audience, but who are you? Who are you going to show up and lock online as consistently? The second part of that is building a basic opt-in funnels. So this is about just building your email list with an email funnel. Okay. And I, I, I take them through like lead magnet to email, to order form. That's a little thing and I give them my full sales funnel. And then the next part of it is automate. And indoctrine so all about email, email, email, email, like, what is it, what are those emails look like? How do you, how do you indoctrinate people with an email series, right? Once you get people on your list, how you drive them through to a sale to take action. And then I have dominate your niche with Facebook.

Speaker 2 (21:55):

And then the final part of that is how to generate leads and opportunities online. Okay. And then the final step is all about the launch. Okay. Launch your business. Right. So the final final part of that is about a lead launch. My lean launch methodology launching before it's perfect. Then creating content that persuades and sells and I, and then creating your content quickly, which I take them through my content wheel, which is very similar to what we're doing, what we're doing here. Then ways to track the money in your business, simple, no cost ways to market your business. And then I threw in quick cash infusion techniques when you really need the money.

Speaker 1 (22:47):

I love that. Okay. So now here's the cool part and I'm sure you know this, but I'm going to say it anyway. So when you're doing some of your, let's say you do end up doing a podcast. Let's just say, cause in my world, I I'm like you. I'm a, I'm a better talker sometimes. Like even when I write, I write, like I, I would say it. Yeah. So it helps me, like, even when I wrote out my training, I did it as if I was standing in front of the class, teaching the class. Right. That's great. That's a good technique. Okay. So every time I'm doing this, I'm thinking automatically about, well, how would this podcast go? So for example, like when you're talking about, you have some really deep methodologies here that people would just go Gaga over. If you pulled them out and made them just one piece of long form content.

Speaker 1 (23:33):

But the beauty is that you don't have to give it all up. Right. You could say, you know, three steps to creating content that converts when really you might have five. So you'll say, look, really, I have five steps, but today I'm going to focus on the first three and then you do it and then you lead them into, okay, we want the fifth one. Here's where you go or four again. All right. So that was quite a bit of, let's see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 20, 27, 28, 29, 30, 30, 1 30, 2 33, 3, 4. About 34. Oh, no. About 40 pieces of content just right there. And that's, you're almost at, you actually are already at a year's worth of headlines. There you go. Yeah. So what I like to do is have your brain dump, right? You just put out all these ideas, this roadmap, if it turns out to be a hundred topics, that's amazing. Cause that's two years worth of content. If it's 70, that's fine, but you definitely want to get over 50, somewhere between 50 and a hundred K. Then you go back through and you take, like, for example, how to find your passion and you ask yourself, pretend again, that I like to pretend that I'm talking to my client and I'm sitting in front of her again for lunch this time we're doing a session. And I don't know, I like to do my sessions outside of my house. So it's usually out of the restaurant.

Speaker 1 (25:05):

And so what, what if she doesn't know her passion, right? How could she discover it and then write that answer out. And then when she has a passion, but she doesn't think it's profitable and you write out that answer and then what's really fun. And this makes for a really quirky content, which I love to do unique things, because I always know there's some person out in the world who thinks they're different. So I'm like, what if she had some weird passion? She's like, I don't know. I just love shoes. I mean, I know it's not weird. All women are pretty much, she likes that. Part's not weird, but what about turning that passion for shoes into a business? Right? So that, that's what I mean is like, when you can take somebody, who's got this really quirky, I don't know, off the wall idea. And then you help them turn that into a business and that could be done easily through memberships. Right? So there are definitely ways to do that. And so you just, basically, you, you sketch in all of the deep parts and the layers of finding your passion. And then now you've literally taken one headline and you've turned it into 10 or 15. Actually, I was going to ask you kind of at this point, what your thoughts were so far. No, listen,

Speaker 2 (26:21):

This is really good. I mean, you know, obviously I can tell that you've put a lot of thought into this. You've got answers to my questions and yeah, I you're, you're instilling confidence in me, so that's good. Yay. Thank you,

Speaker 1 (26:33):

Man. Wasn't that so great. I really enjoyed getting to know Kellie-Anne and I encourage you to go check her out. She definitely what she's doing. She has been in business for herself for years and is helping others do the same. So I encourage you to check out her services, which of course I'll be linking in the show notes and friends. If you are ready to slay this content dragon for yourself, maybe you just want to come up. You're you're maybe you're just at a point where you've just need ideas. You can handle the strategy. You don't even need the time management side of things. You just need help coming up with ideas. If you're beating your head against the wall, I want you to DM me or email me actually email is probably better@ And we can schedule a content strategy session just like this in an hour. You can walk away with that minimum 90 days of content, maybe even six months just depends on how fast we go. So I look forward to connecting with you and until next time have a great week. Bye.

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