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Mindset Monday A Piece Of Mind EVERY Enterpenuer Needs To Hear.

Updated: May 24, 2022

Even the most successful entrepreneurs struggle with second-guessing themselves and trusting other experts over their own inner guidance. This is a message every entrepreneur, from beginner to advanced, needs to hear the message in today's episode.Hey, are we friends yet? Join me on Instagram at

Hey PI tribe buckle up for a new episode of the passive income examiner. The number one podcast for budding entrepreneurs and business owners, looking to diversify their income with passive strategies. Welcome to season two. Focus on building successful online businesses with evergreen marketing solutions. I'm your host Lindsay Sutherland. Thanks for joining me

Hey, pie tribe. Welcome back to another episode. Today is a Monday mindset episode. This episode is brought to you by your higher self . Sometimes I just have fun here behind the mic. It reminds me so much of when I was little and I used to pretend I was a a newscaster, and I just would love to say, you know, today's news is brought to you by . It's fun for me. So I get to share some of that with you. Well, this episode I really do believe is brought to you by your higher self, because this is a message that every entrepreneur needs to hear sooner than later. And by the way, speaking of messages that you need to hear, I have a resource for you that you might be interested in checking out. It is five ways to earn it's a PDF download by the way.

And it is five ways that you can earn $5,000 a month with passive income. So it goes over five key ways that you can earn passive income. Um, some of which you've heard about on this podcast, actually, all of which you've heard about on this podcast, and this goes over into how to break down the numbers to actually earn that. So what you could do right now, if you wanna get your hands on that PDF is to text pie, P I E 2 3 3 7 7 7 and access your copy. All right. And so let me start by telling you a story about my week and a story that I got to hear that kind of led me to this moment. So I don't know how it happened, but somehow the stars aligned that I got to hang out on a virtual call with Jenna Kucher and Amy Porterfield in the same week, two separate calls, two separate reasons, even though they're friends, it wasn't, it wasn't set up as the two of them together.

Um, Jenna I'm part of her book club, she's launching a book and she did an exclusive call basically with people in her book club, all about burnout and kind of helping that. And it was really cool. I mean, I just really enjoyed getting to be in her space, even though, you know, I was one of hundreds of other people, maybe even thousands on the call, it felt like she was talking to me. Uh, we all got to interact in the comments and so on. It was just really awesome. And same with Amy. Amy had th that one, I know for sure had thousands, she was doing a bootcamp on list building, but she also did mindset trainings. Plus she did a V I P training, which I got to be a part of those as well. It was, it's an all intensive weekend. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

I just totally felt so blessed to be a part of both of their worlds in the same week. Okay. With all that being said, though, Amy shared this particular story that really stuck with me in one of her mindset episodes. And then it came up again today as I was talking to my good friend, Cody, who, by the way, shout out to Cody, Hannah, Cody just launched, launched her podcast. I'm gonna give her a plug right now. She doesn't even know I'm doing this. It's called the homestead education. And it's really good for anybody who is interested in homesteading. Cody has a background in agriculture science and does, and she's been homesteading. Her and her husband have been homesteading here in north Idaho for a while. She's got a blog. She's amazing. Go check her out. I totally recommend her podcast. Okay. But back to my story about Amy Porterfield's experience in her Monday in her, one of her mindset trainings.

So she, she was talking about this time in her life, where she had built up her business. She was a thriving online business owner at this time in her life. She was full-fledged. And yet, somehow she still felt unqualified to take her Le her business to the next level. And friends, if you're listening to this, I can assure you that every entrepreneur struggles with this, this self doubt, it doesn't matter. And that was what was so amazing about her story is like, here's this woman who has success, any one of us would define her business in that moment as a success. And yet she still questioned whether or not she had the skillset to take it to the next level. So what she did, she decided she needed a business partner, somebody to come into her business with her, help make decisions, help grow the brand.

And she ended up finding somebody. And within a few days they made an agreement and they became 50 50 partners in the business. And she said it worked out. I mean, the business flourished went to multimillion. That's awesome. I mean, amazing. What happened though, is that later on, and this is what I'm saying, like every entrepreneur needs to hear this message, whether it be now or at some point you're gonna get it. And this is when had happened for Amy. She started to realize that she wasn't trusting herself. She was deferring to this business partner for important decisions. She would notice herself questioning herself, um, before she made a decision hesitating and then going to him to get clarity before moving in any direction. And one day it dawned on her that she had lost herself in this business. Like it was no longer, she wasn't like in it, like, like she had been right where she wasn't trusting herself.

And this is the thing that got brought up again today with my friend Cody, we got talking about the book 1 million followers by Brendan Kane, who Brendan was a guest on the podcast. And, um, that's a great book, by the way. And in the book, he talks about building up your own voice building or creating your own voice, being yourself, being authentic in social media. And I think it's easy as entrepreneurs to fall into a trap where you see or, you know, look up to somebody in business who's a little bit farther ahead of you or does something cute that you think is great. You wanna incorporate maybe a sign off on their YouTube channel or, you know, a way of writing in their blog, a style of writing in their blog that inspires you, or, you know, a certain graphics looks to their graphics on their Instagram, whatever the case may be.

We all look outside of ourself for ideas and inspiration, but he was suggesting, you know, to find your own voice. And she said, you know, I think he's right. I just, I need to just find my own voice and trust myself. And I was like, man, there's that word again? Trust yourself between Amy and Cody and then my own, uh, personal meditation today. I was like talking about listening to my inner voice and following my heart to where I wanna go. Like, why did I go down this path? I was like reconnecting with my path of why I'm being an entrepreneur and what I'm trying to accomplish and what lifestyle I want to create for myself and my family. So that's why all of that to say that this episode message is all about listening and trusting yourself. So it doesn't matter if you're just getting started or if you've been in business and have a thriving six figure business with an amazing email list, like, like Amy Porterfield, right?

It just doesn't matter at what level this message is relevant and pertinent to all of us. It's one that needs to be saved and repeated because we all know it's gonna come up again. We all go through it. So just really quick, I wanna give you a couple pointers on ways that you can know that you're following and trusting yourself and not listening to other people and what they should do. And because sometimes we can trick ourself, right? Like we might be thinking we're doing the right thing. Oh, let me, I'm you start out. For example, you start out thinking that you want to write a better blog, right? So you're on Pinterest. You're researching your topic. You come across a couple blogs. They're really amazing. And you think I wanna start doing this? Well, here's the thing. Oftentimes when we see it working for somebody else, our brain says, oh, this is working for somebody else.

I should do it for myself too. But your gut says no. And because we don't always have the logical reason or the, the why that there's that question of why telling us what is the reason our gut is pausing, giving us reason to pause. We often override our internal message and go with what our logical voice says. And let me give you a tangible example of this that I personally have experienced. And this is just a small scale reset. I recently had somebody reach out to me to offer Instagram strategy. And I was excited about that because I was really working on my Instagram strategy. That was something that I was being intentional about. And I thought, oh, how cool? Right. See, so that's exactly what I just said about how it gets started. Well, she made some recommendations. One of which was to use trending sounds, which I am not a trendy person.

First of all, second of all, I don't really like trendy sounds. And so I said to her, Hey, look, I am not gonna spend a lot of time on Instagram finding trending sounds. I don't do that. Do you have some that you recommend? So she gave me a bunch. I listened to them and I thought, okay, well I can make a reel out of this. And all of a sudden, my gut was saying, don't do it, but because she was an expert and because it's working for other people, I thought, but I should, I overrode my inner voice. Sure enough. What was working for me was my natural growth of my 52 questions. In 52 days, I was doing great. I was doing one real a day. I was on a roll. My, my views was going up steadily to, you know, trending 2000 to 3000 views per real, which was great.

Considering I had only been in the hundreds before. Sure enough, I did the trending topic, the trending sound, and I only got a few hundred views and it just killed my mojo, like my whole energy on my Instagram shifted after that, I've just not been back into it. And so I should have listened to myself. I should have just said, no, this isn't who I am. I'm not a trend person. I want to grow organically with my own content. That's who I am. That's what I wanna do. It would've been, I would've saved her a lot of time putting together all that stuff. And I would've saved myself a lot of time and energy going down a path that was not in alignment with what I want. And that's really where it's at. Like you will, it's not that there's the wrong path or the right path.

It's the, what path is most aligned for you to get you the results you want in the timing that you want following your gut. If I would've listened to that voice and not, and, and just paid attention, all it was, it wasn't even a voice. It was more like a flutter in my stomach is the best way I could describe it. Where I just was like, Ugh, I just don't think this is gonna work out, but it wasn't articulated that way. And it overwrote it with a should thought, those are the ones to pay attention to. Sometimes our thoughts can be so much louder than our gut checks. So really learning to pay attention to that and honoring it, um, is important. And sometimes you're not gonna notice it. Like I didn't notice it right away, but I'll tell you what, as soon as that real didn't do well, I knew I was like, yep.

See, I did know. I just didn't listen to myself. And that's the moment that I acknowledged like, okay, next time I'm gonna do better. I'm gonna listen to myself. All right. So that's the tip of the day. Focus on trusting yourself, listen to your inner guidance. You know, more than you realize your inner guidance, your higher power, whatever you wanna call it is knowing your path better than anybody it's knowing where you're gonna go. It's knowing what you want in life. It knows you better than that fancy blogger or that amazing YouTuber with all the subscribers knows you, right? They know them. They know their path, they know their agenda. So friends listen to your gut, follow it. And I promise you, it will not steer you wrong. All right, until next week. Thanks for tuning in as always. Bye for now.

Thank you so much for being a loyal listener. I am truly grateful for you. And if this podcast has inspired you in any way, head over to iTunes and leave a written review, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for helping to spread the word by sharing this show with your friends.

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