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The Importance Of Telling Your Story... Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Tell Their Story.

Looking into your future it is easy to feel frustrated by lack of progress, overwhelmed with a burgeoning to-do list, and doubtful that your dreams will come true. This is WHY every entrepreneur needs to share your own story; so that you can remember the incredible accomplishments you've achieved and re-experience the pain of the hurdles that seemed like mountains before you, but now feel like molehills.

It is so easy to look back and downplay the great things we have done, but when we get a chance to share our story with someone else it can really sound so inspiring that we even feel moved by it.

Recently, I had this experience while guesting on Little Things Podcast with Lindsay Rae

I remember at one point even mentioning to her how even I feel in awe of the events that took place when I tell my story. That is the moment I decided to share this experience with you.

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Hey PIE tribe buckle up for a new episode of the Passive Income Examiner. The number one podcast for budding entrepreneurs and business owners, looking to diversify their income with passive strategies. Welcome to season two, focus on building successful online businesses with evergreen marketing solutions. I'm your host Lindsay Sutherland. Thanks for joining me

Recently. I had the great pleasure of being a guest on a podcast called the Little Things with host Lindsay Rae. And in it, we were talking about overcoming hardships and challenges and how I had escaped my big city life for a log cabin in the woods. It's a story I've talked about on the podcast. If you haven't heard it, you know, it's short version is that I had a six-figure job left. my husband, my family, and I, we moved to Idaho three states away and lived in a log cabin in the woods. It was our goal to get out of the city and live this like country rural lifestyle. And I talked about how I did it, but I, more than anything talked about the journey and overcoming the hardships, because I think we had originally birthed the dream.

I would say in around 2012, when my third son was born and I was feeling very overworked and stressed and just miserable. I was just miserable. I was actually depressed. I was really depressed at that time and I knew that somewhere deep inside me needed a change, a major change. So my husband and I that's when we first started talking about moving into a rural situation. Now it took us all the way until 2018 before that actually happened. So a full six years for that to actually come true. And what's really funny about that is saying that to you right now. I actually had to pause the recording and double-check my math because I'm like, wow, six years doesn't seem like that long, but I'm gonna tell you what, going through it from 2012, until 2018, felt like an eternity. Let me tell you, it felt like forever and that's what was so exciting about being on Lindsay Rae's podcast is getting to share my story that particular day.

It was last Thursday that I was on the episode and I was having one of those days kind of towards the end of the week. You know, when you don't feel very productive, you're looking back over your week. Like, oh, you know, I feel like I need to get so much more done. I was looking forward to Friday going to be a big working day for me to get some headway on things that I wanted to get accomplished. Anyway, when I was, I went into that interview just like normal. I mean, I wasn't scared or anything, but I went into the interview just thinking about what I was gonna talk, talk about, talk about, but having that kind of, I guess, blase feeling about my day and my week I left the interview, totally pumped up. I walked away from that going, wow, more people need to do this.

Like when was the last time I'm gonna ask you, when was the last time you really told your story, you really got a chance to too your own horn, I suppose. Right. And talk about how far you've come from, where you've started to where you are now. And think about that for just a moment, how powerful it is when you look at what you've accomplished and what you really had to overcome. When I explained my journey and the hardships and the ups and the downs, and how many times throughout that timeframe, we thought the dream was lost. It was so many times here's an analogy for any of you that have had your heart set on becoming a parent. When you finally make that big decision to get pregnant with your spouse or, you know, for yourself. Um, and you start to try, you get so excited, leading up to that first cycle.

You're like, okay, it's done, we're pregnant. And then the cycle comes and you're not, and it's such a let down. I have to say of all the things that I've ever imagined, this experience being like, it just comes back to childbirth, even actual childbirth, like contractions coming. You're so close. And then it's so far away. The only difference though is with childbirth. You know, at some point the baby is going to come one way or another it's coming, but just the whole getting pregnant and that experience of the unknown, the not knowing if it's gonna happen, getting your hopes up and then it doesn't happen. And then getting your hopes up and then it doesn't happen. And then hopefully it happens. Right. And for anybody who has not experienced that yet, my heart goes out to you cuz I know how difficult that moment is and that experience.

So anyway, that is the best analogy that I could say. It was like for me and my husband to go from that moment when we started to dream all the way through, but it really heated up, it really ramped up in 2016. It was the year after my daughter was born my fourth child. And now by this time we had been talking about this for three or four years. Now, every time I was having a bad day, we dusted off the shelf and you know, DREAM. And finally I looked at my husband one day and I just said, when are we gonna start doing something about this? Like, let's do this and not just talk about it. And that's when we started taking actual action, taking those steps to getting towards, our dream, realizing our dream. It was during this time that I was working full time and I wrote a plan, my husband and I had disgusted and I wrote it out on a word doc, a Baton at the top.

I wrote Lee and Lindsay's plan to escape the city and be in our log home by December of 2018. I literally wrote that at the top. And then the document went on to explain financially what our plan was and our dates and all of that stuff. Now I probably looked at that document a couple of times, no doubt, but you know, I'm sure I printed it off. I took it home. I showed my husband, but at some point I forgot about it and it really just became about taking action. And I completely forgot about that document until recently I was going through a thumb drive trying to see if I could have enough room on there. For some things I wanted to save. And on there was this document that was labeled a heart, just a heart emoji. There was no words. And I opened the document and there it was our dream to be in a log home by 2018, December of 2018.

And by golly, do you know that it was a week before Christmas of 2018 that we moved into our house? I couldn't believe it. My jaw dropped open when I was reading that document, I thought, holy cow, I wrote it. And it happened. And I wrote that document in 2016. Now I'm telling the story on Lindsay Ray's podcast. And I'm telling her about so many amazing synchronicities that happened during that time. But especially the fact that I had written it down in that document. And I got off of that episode and I was just like, wow, I needed that reminder of what I was capable of doing. If I could write a goal down and chase it. So fervently that it became a reality. And that was a major thing for us. Like moving out of state, getting a, the perfect home, doing it in a place that we loved.

All of the things I was asking for happened and came true. It's almost mind. It is. It's not almost, it is mind-blowing. Even to me, I think I said something to her on the podcast. I said, even I am in awe telling my story. It's almost surreal how it happened. And yet it happened. And my friends that is the purpose of today's mindset episode is to encourage you to take a moment and look back upon your past and tell your story, tell your story, document it in some way, write down your accomplishments, verbalize them on a podcast, put them out there in social media. It doesn't even matter if you share it with others. It really doesn't. You could just call your mom and tell her, you just want to recount the things you've done to boost your own morale. It is very effective.

I came off of that call going, yes, Lindsay, you know what you're doing? Keep moving forward. You've got this. And, and today I saw something on social media that was a confirmation of this. It was on a sticky note. And it said, just remember where you are now is exactly where you were trying to be five years ago. And it's so true. Take some time today and really write down things that you've accomplished in the last five, 10 years. It doesn't even matter how far back you go, because truly when we look back to and really take that moment to look back at yourself, like through the lens and see what you were doing and what it was like, I mean, it's easy to discount it. It's easy to talk to somebody and say, oh yeah, we moved to log cabin in the woods. That was our dream.

And no big deal. We just, you know, just took these steps and then it happened like, nah, but really it's more than that. And I know you have a story like that too. And I encourage you to tell your story just for the sole purpose of reinvigorating yourself and proving to yourself that you are capable of so much more than you're thinking about right now. Because right now where you're at, you're looking five years in the future. And when you're looking at the bottom of the, I call it the bottom of the mountain and you're looking up, it feels like so much farther and so much harder than it is. And just like I had the experience at the beginning of this podcast, I'd look back and say, oh, that was only six years. Six years seems like a nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it felt like so long, right?

The same is true when you're building your business. When you're getting ready to launch a podcast, maybe you're just getting started with your passive income journey and you have a goal to be replacing your income. And it just feels like such an uphill battle, right? It feels like maybe there's so much tech that you were UN expecting or not expecting rather. Or maybe there's just so many roadblocks that are in your way, but just take a moment and look back and see at what you've already come, just to get that inspiration for you, by the way, if you need some tips or would like some tips on ways that you can develop, uh, passive income there, I do have a free PDF, a resource for you. Uh, text the word pie, P I E to 3, 3 7 7 7, and download your copy of five ways to earn $5,000 a month from passive income that walks you through the steps of creating passive income, five different avenues, as well as links you to specific episodes with special guests that have highlighted those topics and gives you some strategies on what you can do.

Some pro tips as well. I'm telling you friends where you will be in two years. It just remember this moment where you are now and look back at where you were five years ago and how far you've come. Just give yourself that grace to congratulate yourself on what you've accomplished. We all deserve a moment to go back in time and to tell our story and to remember how amazing we truly, truly are. All right, friends, thanks for tuning into this Monday mindset episode, check the link below to see Lindsay Rae's podcast and until next week bye for now.

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