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Time Freedom Hacks for the Working Mom

Follow these steps to experience more control over your time

Time freedom feels elusive for most working moms. I promise, it doesn't have to feel that way anymore!

How often do you feel that your time is held hostage by other people or events in your life? Do you wish you had more time for yourself? Today we are talking about how you can experience more time freedom even if you are a busy parent.

Between working full time, raising a family, the holidays, and all of the other people and events inserting themselves on our calendar, it can feel like we have lost control over our lives. When we groom our 'energy bubble', as I call it, as neatly as we do our physical appearance, we find that we have more control over our time than we think we do.

Watch the video above to hear real-life examples of how I used these tools to experience more control over my life.

When I was working full time, I managed a team of 30 people and was in charge of marketing for two departments in the dealership. My list of to-do's was enormous, and add to that, interruptions from employees with questions or concerns, bosses with new agendas, or surprise technical issues that effected the entire department.

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Then, once I got home, it was time to give my attention (what little I had left) to the people I loved most. I felt constantly drained and overstimulated. I lived on Starbucks and my favorite quiet time was my one-hour commute to and from work where I got to be alone by myself.

For a long time, it felt like I had no say in what I did each day. I felt completely at the mercy of people and chaos around me at all times. I longed for a day when I could just spend the entire day doing what suited my fancy, but often I settled for an hour or two on a weekend day off (While I was on my way to the grocery store or Target for family needs of course.)

This is how life is for most working mothers. But, my friend, it doesn't have to be this way.

It is possible to feel in control of your time and, if you are ready to really think big, it is possible to LIVE your entire life on your terms.

But, for today, let's start with micro-steps. Tools you can start applying right now in the throws of everyday life that is already happening as it is.

Follow these steps to start taking back control of your life and your freedom. This is the beginning of the journey that leads to total transformation if you let it.

Tip #1 - Practice Awareness

Often, we don't even realize how we let other people make choices FOR us. We simply tell ourselves, "I have to" and then justify it with a good-sounding argument. Like, "I have to stay late because this client needs this turned in today" ... even though you are so tired your eye-lids feel like sandpaper.

Or, "I Have to spend the day at my sister's because she invited me and I know it is important to her." ... even though you desperately need a day to recharge your batteries.

Even though it feels like these other people are making the demands really it is ultimately us that choose to acquiesce. When we pay attention to our behavior, our choices, and our feelings about who and what we say 'yes' to, we will start to see how often WE LET people and events control us.

To practice awareness, pay attention to when you feel overwhelmed, short-fused, snap at people, and when you are clutsier than normal or more forgetful. All of these are signs of stress that may be vying for your attention to gain clarity within your mind and heart

Awareness is the light that shines guiding us to transformation.

Tip #2 - Take Ownership, Acceptance

Resisting the fact that you are a participant in this experience will never lead to freedom. It is true, we can't always control the events that are happening in our life, but we can control HOW we respond to them. Accept your role in this for true growth and watch what happens.

When we take acceptance of our part we then have the power to impact change.

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Tip #3 - Give Yourself Permission

Give yourself permission to take action on the inner guidance you feel. Once again, I gave specific examples of this in the video above. Start by asking yourself what action you want to take, center yourself, and then give yourself permission to take action on that.

For example, say you woke up feeling under the weather. You know if you could just get an extra 30 minutes of 45 minutes of rest you could get through your day much easier than if you force yourself to get up and go.

Freedom starts with micro-moments

Pausing to center yourself and take intentional action is the foundation for a life of freedom. Maybe you are here because you just want to feel more in control of your day, or perhaps you long to really take control of your life. You want to choose what you do, when you do it, and with who. If that is singing your song, then consider joining the Freedom Business Community - a community for working moms who are longing to live a freedom lifestyle.

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