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Tips For Creators Who Struggle With Video And Getting On Camera

Updated: May 24, 2022

Does the idea of getting on camera make you cringe? Do you stumble over words and wish you could look more professional? Well, today's tech tip Tuesday will introduce you to a new technology that turns your phone or computer into a teleprompter, stops recording when your script is done, AND helps caption your videos!

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Hey PI tribe buckle up for a new episode of the passive income examiner. The number one podcast for budding entrepreneurs and business owners, looking to diversify their income with passive strategies. Welcome to season two. Focus on building successful online businesses with evergreen marketing solutions. I'm your host Lindsay Sutherland. Thanks for joining me.

Hey, pie tribe. Welcome back to another episode of tech tip Tuesday. I have an amazing tech tip for you first. I wanna ask you a question. So have you gotten your free resource yet? Just wanted to check in and make sure that you had a chance to get that I created a PDF for you that breaks down five ways that you can earn $5,000 a month with passive income text the word pie, P I E 2 3 3 7 7 7. To get your copy today. And essentially what that will do is not only give you five different ways to earn passive income, but it breaks down the numbers and links you to episodes with guests who speak about those topics. So that way you can dive in on that topic and really learn from those experts. All right. So once again, text the word pie to 3, 3 7, 7, 7. All right.

Let's get into today's episode. Do you struggle with getting on video? Does the idea of doing Instagram reels or YouTube videos just make you feel cringy? you just know you're gonna fumble and make mistakes. I know it's happened to me. I have reframed from video for so long. Somebody recently asked me why. And I said, well, because when I'm editing a podcast, if I make a mistake, I can just stop backspace delete and re rerecord right then and there. But with video, you can't do that. You have to get the video exported, then you have to edit it. Then it looks all weird, cuz your face moved funny. And it's just like, I don't know. It just feels like so much more work to me than audio and just recording on a podcast. Well, the solution is here, my friends for both of us and I am going to tell you about it right now.

Now if you haven't heard of app, you need to check it out and I'm gonna put a resource for you in the show notes. I love it personally. One thing that I've learned and I finally just threw in the towel and conceded that this is part of what I do coaching and helping people. And my own business is going to involve various forms of tech and with how much technology is coming out on the daily basis. there is no reason why I shouldn't expect myself to be messing around and dabbling with all different kinds of things. And it's fun. It really is. It's FA in fact, it's one reason why we're doing tech tip Tuesday because there is so many cool things out there that can be so useful. And on top of that, there are so many things out there that can be a waste of money, right?

And so knowing what to look at, what to check out is a great solution. So what I started to do was use app Sumo. I found it when I was surfing YouTube and I was looking up technology that could help me write blogs better and come up with keyword strategies and all that fun stuff. Well, in the process of doing that, I discovered app Sumo. And what app Sumo is, is it's a tech place where you can get lifetime subscriptions to various techs. A lot of times it's up and coming technologies, but not always, sometimes it's technology that's already been out there for a while, but they wanna sell more of 'em. So they do this deal through app Sumo. And I absolutely have decided from here on out that I would rather pay 60, I've paid up to $180 for a program once, because I would rather get that right then and there then to pay, you know, 30, $40 a month for however long I end up using it because it's the same principle to me, it's the same principle as would you rather have a million dollars today or a penny with compound interest, right?

I take the penny over time, it's gonna end up equaling way more than, um, the million dollars. And that's kind of what I'm saying with app Sumo. To me, the deals make sense when I know it's gonna be a product that I'm gonna use. Now that's the trick. And um, I know I'm going on a little bunny trail about app Sumo, but I'm realizing it's the first time on the podcast. I've talked about it. So there may be people who haven't heard of it before. But one thing that I do, and this is my strategy is if I see a tech that I like, uh, or I'm interested in, I go on YouTube and I start watching reviews of it. And there is a couple of really good reviewers that I are really honest. And that's what I love. I mean, there are some of them out there that are just doing it for the affiliate link, but there are others who are like literally record themselves, setting it up and I've seen them even struggle.

There was one in particular where he was trying to do the initial setups and he said, okay, I got this. And I got that. And I couldn't now, now what now what? And he kept getting stuck. Like he couldn't actually build out the campaign and he actually ended his video. He is like, well, I don't know what else to say. Obviously it's not very user friendly. And then I went in YouTubed how to do the thing he was trying to do. And then there was another video on how to do it. So I was like, well, interesting. It could be done. Uh, but maybe it doesn't, it's not as user friendly, maybe as some of the other tech that's out there in that same genre, et cetera. So that's my advice is whatever you're gonna do, whatever you're interested in, investing in, check out YouTube first, or check it out here on the podcast, um, and then decide for yourself if it's worth your investment.

That's a really strong strategy to use. So now diving into video, one of the things that I've noticed, people struggle with a lot, myself included is I fumble over words. Even if I have a script, I am looking, I'll do this thing where I'll pull up my, my Google docs and then I'm looking in the camera and I'm talking, but I have to use my hand and move my Google docs up. And then I lose my spot and all those things that are just one of those things that happened. So some have said, well, you should memorize your script and blah, blah, blah. It's like, yeah, well that is not gonna happen for me. Let's just be, I'm just not gonna memorize my script. I'm not gonna do it. maybe if it's an ad, I might, but for the most part, just a YouTube video, I'm not gonna take the time to memorize it.

Well, this website, this technology is called big It's actually pretty slick. So a couple things, it does. Number one, it turns your phone into a teleprompter. So you can like upload your script and you can look at yourself and you literally see the words right next to your camera. That's another thing is when I'm using my laptop, my camera's at the top, but as I'm reading, my eyes are moving down the page. And so it looks like I'm looking away or down from the audience. So this is just a great tool to do because you can do it right on your phone. In addition to that, when the script ends, I love this. When the script ends, the video stops recording. You don't have to put your hand up and stop it. It literally says script is over done. how nice is that?

There's one other thing that it does is it automatically creates captions. So it narrates and records with just a simple click. It works for iOS and Android and web. So you can use it on your laptop or your computer as well. And you can overlay subtitles in your videos. It's a great way to do this for long form content on YouTube, uh, would be one area or on your website. If you wanna have some video for your website, captions look clear. Um, and it's just, I can't say enough about it when it comes to really making yourself look professional. Like I, I can just tell you from a creator standpoint to caption a 20 minute video is like, don't even put me in that position. I don't even wanna think about it. And then I feel bad. I'm like, I should be captioning these. I mean, this, this is obviously an important thing.

I try to caption everything on the short form, cuz it's easier to do, but captioning, the long form videos is just seems like such a short and that's my point is it's this back and forth. And that's the part that hangs people up so much. If you're not tech savvy, everything I just said probably sounded like gibberish, number one and number two, it's overwhelming. And it's even overwhelming for people who get it and know what they're doing. It's just tight time consuming and frustrating. So my friends check it out. I'm gonna put this, um, link to app Sumo, like I said in the description it's um, it's big view B I That's the tech. And um, gimme one second. I wanna tell you what it's priced at on, um, online. Good news is it does offer a free plan. Turn says turn videos into business, the easiest app to make business videos, not ready for premium yet stay free forever.

Your videos will have a big view logo watermark. Okay. So to get rid of the watermark you have to pay. So their starter program is 1499 a month and they also offer a, uh, $89 a year. So you can skip and pay the 89 for one year. Their plus program is $39 a month and or 139 a year. And then they have a group for like huge comp like YouTubers and such. Here's what kind of was surprising to me. And I really looked at this before I even moved into purchasing. It kind of was weird the way they have it set up is 1499 a month for the starter says it includes one user and up to two devices. So I imagine I could have it on my cell phone and my computer, but only I can use it kind of like how would they know if my husband came in and recorded a video, um, with my phone.

I mean, that is kind of interesting, I guess it means like I can't have somebody else log in with it. I don't know. It's also limited to videos up to nine minutes. It does include the mobile teleprompter and a web desk for scripting. So that's all what you get with the starter package. The plus package does all of that. Your videos can go up to 59 minutes, still one user in two devices, desktop and mobile teleprompter. Um, oh I guess the other one doesn't say desk, it only says mobile and web desk for scripting. So you can write the script on your computer, but then you only get to use it on your phone. Interesting. I misread that when I read it the first time and then on the middle one, the plus program, you can also live stream to Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Shaza my goodness. Okay. So now when it comes to app Sumo, let me tell you how this deal works. Okay? So when you get to it, when you get into their system and you get to big, you, your first thing it says is buy now starting at $69 lifetime deal. By the way, app Sumo does a thing where people can rate and review and that they rate it and review it in tacos. It's got a hundred and eight fifty eight reviews and it's at five tacos, like five out of five. Think of stars, right? Five out five stars. I mean, I don't get where the tacos came from. That's kind of funny, but you know, it is what it is. So view plans, you can click on this thing under the buy now button, it says view plans for more codes. Now, when you go into it, it drops down and tells you a little bit more about what's an op what are some options?

Okay. So plans and features, lifetime access to big view, all future work group plan updates. You must redeem your code within 60 days. That's pretty standard. And here's, what's included in all the plans on app St. Mode, the teleprompter, the video recorder, all recordings without big view logo. In other words, they're not watermarked share to social one by one, download the file. Professional titling music backgrounds replaced, uh, replace the green background. One click post to multiple social networks, your corporate branding. If you wanna add your own branding and customized titling fonts and colors, plus it says other advanced features, but it just kind of stops listing them at that point. So that's this tech tip Tuesday. I hope you found that helpful, especially if you are doing video or thinking of doing video and really have been holding back for that particular reason of just feeling scattered and like you wanna look professional. So head over to the link in the description to access your secure deal. If you didn't know apps, Sumo deals are limited. So once they sell a certain number, then that deal goes away until perhaps they bring it back. But there's no guarantee of that. And if it does sell out, it's definitely worth checking out, um, as a subscription. Anyway. So one of those little extra handy tips to help your online business journey be a success. Thanks for tuning in is always until next time buy for now,

Thank you so much for being a loyal listener. I am truly grateful for you. And if this podcast has inspired you in any way, head over to iTunes and leave a written review, I would appreciate it so much. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for helping to spread the word by sharing this show with your friends.

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